Let Go

life-is-too-shortThe other day as I was working on some projects at Starbucks, right before leaving to pick up my daughter from preschool an older gentleman stopped me and asked me about what I was working on. I told him about my project and when I mentioned the word happiness he stopped me and said: “That indeed is the most important thing of all.” He went on telling me about how he almost died five times, within a year, all because of car accidents, and the very first one was a hit and run. He went on talking about how angry he was from the person that caused the accident and fled the scene, and how seriously, he was determined to find that person to take revenge, that he forgot all about his family and his children. It took him four more accidents and a near loss of his memory to wake up and see life is not about revenge and anger, it is about letting go of things that are out of our control. He told me: “if you want to truly be happy, you have to learn to let go.”

“Let go” such an ordinary phrase that we hear it almost every day, but are we truly letting go of things that bother us? Wait, before answering this question, let’s define letting go.

Letting go does not mean giving up. These two are completely different. Letting go shows strength, but giving up shows weakness. What is the difference?

Letting go is about forgetting the things that happened in the past and cause you anger. You let go of what your friend said about you that made you upset. Giving up is about stopping to try to get to what you really want because you lose your belief in yourself, this will not make you happy. This will make you feel defeated. Giving up is when you tell yourself, I am too old to go back to school and study the field that I love.

In the case of that gentleman he let go of the feeling of revenge and anger and in return he got his family, his happiness and his life back.

Now back to my question, are you letting go of fear, anger, revenge, and all of the other feelings that make you unhappy? Are you ready to let go of how your spouse forgot your birthday, or are you going to stay angry with him/ her for another year and mention that every place you go? Are you ready to let go of how a year ago, your boss completely took credit for the project that you put your heart and soul into, or you are just going to stay angry forever? Life is too short to spend time on anger and revenge, so let it go.

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