Once again, it is January and all you can hear and see on TV, social media, radio, etc. Is about weight loss by dieting. I have seen programs that promise you to lose weight by following a 21 day diet plan. But are they real? Would you really lose all your unwanted fat in 21 days? What happens after the 21 days? Would you be able to keep the weight off?

Let’s get to the bottom of this weight loss craze. The fact is, yes diets will help you lose weight. There is no question about that. It is a simple rule, you eat less calories than your body consumes as energy, therefore your body will need to get the deficit from fat and muscle tissues, hence you see a drop in your weight. This seems simple and easy, so what is the problem? The problem is that our bodies are super smart. After a while, consuming the same amount of calories every day, your body will catch up with you and stops burning as much calories. This is when you enter the plateau and stop seeing weight loss. So what is the solution?

When it comes to weight loss we need to stop looking for a short cut. There are no short cuts. All of those diet plans work for a little while and then they stop. Instead get on a healthy and balanced eating plan and add physical activities to your daily routine. Here is why this will work:

The mechanism that burns calories, consumed from food, in a form of energy, in the body, is called metabolism. In order to have a higher metabolism, you need to have more muscle in your body. And in order to gain more muscle you need to work out. In terms of food, when you are eating whole, unprocessed foods, it will require a lot more energy and time to break down that food, comparing to when you eat highly processed foods. Also, when you eat whole, unprocessed foods, you will stay fuller for longer period of time, so you will eat less, not because you are watching your calories, but because you are not hungry.

Hope this is clear. Please stop starving yourself to lose weight, that is not healthy. You need to get complete nutrition to stay healthy. Becoming skinny using diet pills and extreme diets does not make you healthy.

Below is a simple chart showing the steps that take place when you try to lose weight by only dieting or only exercising compared with when we pair these two together.


dear-ms-morrisonStay happy and healthy


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