For this week’s healthy recipe I have decided to share with you one of my husband’s favorite desserts. It is so good and with a little small change I made it super healthy too. So you can go for the seconds without worrying about having to pay off later. You know what I mean ;).
The main ingredient for this dessert as the name implies are dates. Traditionally the topping is made with white flour and vegetable oil, which I don’t think I need to tell anyone how bad both of them are for your body and digestion. In my recipe, I have replaced white flour with Almond flour and vegetable oil with Avocado oil.
Before we get to the recipe here is a highlight of date’s health benefits.


What you need:



  • Pit the dates and insert walnuts in place of the seed
  • Place dates tightly in a glass dish
  • Add almond flour to a medium size skillet and place over medium-low heat
  • Stir constantly until your flour becomes fragrant and changes color slightly
  • Add avocado oil and continue stirring until your mixture turns golden color ( see the video for visual illustration)
  • Top the pitted dates with flour mixture
  • Add as much cinnamon as you like on top. ( I love cinnamon, so I added about ½ tbsp.)


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