In our quest to make exercise more fun, this week my daughter and I tried doing weighted deadlifts, using her weight instead of dumbbells. That was a lot of fun. Watch the video below to see it yourself.

But before trying it yourself lets talk about safety:

  1. Make sure you back is flat and you are using your hamstring to pull you up
  2. Just go as low as you can with perfectly straight back
  3. Try a few reps without your toddler to make sure your form is correct, especially if this is the first time you are doing deadlifts
  4.  Support neck and head of your toddler with one hand
  5. Use the other hand to support their back
  6. Warm up first

Why you should try this exercise?

  1. Deadlifts are very effective in building your core strength, which is very important in maintaining good posture and preventing back problems
  2. Develops the muscles that are involved in our day to day movements
  3. Targets gluts and hamstring, which can be problematic areas in some of us!!

You can do this exercise for 3-4 sets of 15 reps with 30 second rest in between each rep. To make it even more fun, add a kiss to the end of each rep and a spin at the end of the exercise.

Stay happy and healthy


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