I have been talking and writing about living healthy for a while now, and I have been practicing it for a lot longer and I think it is time to explain about what living healthy really means. Can you say that you are living a healthy life when you are eating healthy and exercising regularly? You should. Correct? I would say, if you eat healthy and exercise regularly,  you are 1/2 way to a healthy life, but without happiness, you will not arrive to your final destination. 

Living healthy is a lot more than just making healthy food choices and exercising every day, living healthy is about how to live a full life. A life that is full of laughter and happiness. You might say how?

In my book balance I go in depths through steps that one can take to live a healthy life. Here I am going to touch on the few important points.

In order to live a healthy life, you need to eat healthy and stay active, there is no question about that, but the point that most of us miss is happiness. By happiness, I don’t mean a meaningless smile or the excitement that you get when you buy something new or earn what you always wanted. By happiness, I mean being thankful and, happy regardless of the situation. The ability to face the worst events in your life with a genuine smile. How can you do this? Through the power of gratitude.

When you practice gratitude, you look and notice all the things that you have in your life, so the things that you wish to have and you don’t have right now, become less visible. They will not disappear, because you are striving to get to them, but they are not dominating your life either. So  failures are being viewed as lessons learned. Here is an example, the great business plan that you had in mind and you spent months working on it, might not go the way that you expected, but since you have been practicing gratitude along the way, you don’t see the failure, you see all the amazing things that you learned along the way and how you can do this much better next time. Does this make sense?! I know this is not easy. Believe me, I have been practicing this for years and I still from time to time fall into the trap of sadness and feel like a looser, but since I have been practicing gratitude, I can get out of the trap and move on.

One of the very important steps that I talk in depth about in my book and I like to mention it here is making others around you feel happy. How can you be truly happy, if others around you are feeling miserable? In order to be truly happy, we need to take care of people around us, and this caring should be sincere, and not because you have to. There are so many things that you can do to make others feel happy and I wrote a few posts such as “how random acts of kindness affect our happiness” or “The power of Giving“. But if you can, only, do one thing, you should start by practicing the power of “Thank you”. What does the power of “Thank you” mean? It means, to practice seeing and noticing what others do and thank them for it. And no, it does not have to affect you positively to say thank you, we do that anyway, at least I hope we do. The power of “thank you” means noticing positive acts that others do, even though, it might not affect you, and say thank you. This requires some practice. Here are a few things that we all can do, when going for your morning walks, or when driving in your neighborhood, when you see the maintenance workers, stop and thank them for their service. When doing grocery shopping, take time and thank the workers, who fill in the shelves. Say thanks to the mailman, or UPS truck driver, even if they don’t have any packages for you. These might be very simple, but they can change the course of once day or life. Saying a simple, but sincere “thank you” to another person, shows that you care for them, you appreciate them and you respect them.  Do you know anything more powerful than this?

In order to keep myself accountable for living a healthy life, I created a journal, which would help me to keep track of my goals and remind me of the important steps of living a healthy life. You can have it too, if you like and it is totally free. You can get my free journal here:


Stay happy and healthy


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