Some days it seems impossible to make any decisions. There are so many controversies around a seemingly simple concept, that decision making becomes very hard. To this day, I have not seen anyone, who does not want to leave a healthier life, to feel more energized, and to be happier, but when it comes to actually doing it, there are so many controversies and loads and loads of information that they get overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. The worst is when someone starts, and they think they are doing everything right and half way through it, they start talking to someone new or see new studies and information coming out just to realize what they have been doing is all wrong. One example is the fat free craze, that some still are following. Now study, after study is showing and suggesting that most of obesity issues that our society is facing can be due to these fat free diets.

Starting a healthy eating or even better healthy living can be a confusing and a rough journey because not everything is well studied and different professionals seem to have different opinions on what is good and what is bad, based on the scope of their practice and unfortunately sometimes based on what makes them more money. Looking at my friends and family, whom are trying to eat healthy, but are confused and overwhelmed by all the information or sometimes lack of information, looks very similar to when we, my husband and I, found out that we were going to be new parents.

If you are a parent, you can probably relate to my story. The day that we found that we were pregnant, we were so filled with joy that we immediately started calling all of our friends and family to give them the good news. Almost everyone who we talked to got excited and immediately gave us some sort of advice. The advices ranged from ditch those high heels, to stop working out, don’t lift anything heavy, eat for two, don’t sleep on your back, and on and on and on. I got so many advices that by the end of the night I was so confused, scared, and I was everything but excited. I was even scared to fall sleep, what if I roll on my back and the baby would get suffocated. My poor husband, he would sleep at the edge of the bed and sometimes on the couch, downstairs, because he was worries to hit my tummy with his hand or legs and hurt me and the baby. After talking to my doctor, he gave me an advice that I have it tattooed on the back of my mind and that was “the only one you need to listen to is your body.” he gave me some general rules of thumb as what to eat and what not to eat, but for everything else he said everyone is different so you need to listen to your body and if it feels right, then it is okay to do. In a nut shell go with your gut!

I like to give the advice that my doctor gave me to those of you, who like to start a healthy eating and healthy living habits, but every time that you start you get bombarded with advices and loads of information that makes you lose your excitement, interest and motivation, “Go with your gut”. There are some general rules that almost everyone agrees with, when it comes to eating healthy and those include:

  • Ditch highly processed foods
  • Avoid fast foods
  • Eat whole real foods
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

But unfortunately there are so many other points that it depends on you, your body, your goals, your health, your allergies, and your budget. Some experts recommend going Gluten free, some other recommend whole grains, some recommend low fat diets and low fat dairy products (I was surprised when I heard this advice from a professional), some recommend high fat diets, there are some who love vegetarian and vegan diets, and then there are those who have meat at every meal. As you can see, choosing a diet plan is just as hard as choosing what to wear for a wedding, sometimes even harder because the consequences can be worse.

In order to choose the right eating plan for you, you need to listen to your body and that can be very hard, since you have to learn the language of your body. Your body, tends to communicate with you through pain, discomfort, bloating, sometimes rash. These signs can sometimes be very subtle and hard to pinpoint and at other times obvious. For example, someone with celiac disease can get really sick and sometimes hospitalized if they consume gluten, but someone with gluten sensitivities might go years with unexplained bloating, joint pain, or lack of energy without realizing the underlying cause.

You get the point, we all have been created as individuals with different needs and different sensitivities and different bodies. What works for your friends, might not necessarily work for you. If you have been reading my posts on eating healthy, you know by now that I give you my recommendations and how you need to listen to your body to see if that is right for you or not.


Bottom line:

Once you decide to start a healthy living journey, it is up to you to filter the information that you receive. You can either be one of those people, who jumps from this kind of diet to a different kind and seem to be dieting their entire life and frustrated because nothing works, or you can be like those, who keep the information that fits and agrees with their body and lifestyle and build on them to make their own perfect eating plan and ignore the rest.

You have to listen to your gut, if what you are doing works for you and you are healthy, then stop changing your eating pattern, but if you have been following a diet that all the celebrities have been following, but you are not seeing the result, then it is time to change because it is not right for you.

Please feel free to leave me your comment, questions or concerns, and as always:

Stay happy and healthy




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