As my daughter gets older, I need to get a bit more creative in order to keep her interested in working out. Her absolute favorite kind of game is the ones that involve a ball. This week, we decided to mix our ball game and plank together and we came up with plank catch and roll, super fun and challenging.

If you don’t have a kid, you can still enjoy this game/ exercise by asking a friend, partner or spouse to join you. In fact, working out with someone else can be an opportunity to bond more with that individual. Yes, workout time can be play time or bonding time.

This workout is a total body workout.

Equipment: your body and a ball (any kind)


  1. Get into plank position with hands positioned directly under your shoulders, toes planted into the floor and Glutes squeezed, making a straight line from your heads to your toes.
  2. Roll the ball to your child or your partner with your right hand. Keep your balance by keeping your core tight and Glutes squeezed.
  3. Now your child or your partner will roll the ball back to you. Catch it with left hand and roll it back to your partner.
  4. Repeat for 60 second or as long as you can hold plank.

Modification: Always start your plank on your toes, but if you can’t hold plank on your toes, or when you get tired, go to your knees, keep your core tight and engaged and go through the same steps. As you get stronger, every time you go through this exercise, try to stay on your toes longer.

Watch the video below to see how we did it.

Stay happy and healthy


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