Okay, it is time for a new way to enjoy playing ball, while strengthening some muscle. This week in our hunt for creating a fun new game that would entertain my daughter and challenge me both at the same time, we came up with V-ups and pass the ball.

Are you ready to do this with us?

Equipment needed:

  • Any kind of ball
  • Matt (optional)
  • A partner

Muscle group worked:

  • Rectus abdominus


  • Sit on a floor or a mat. Lie flat on the floor with hands on the floor overhead.
  • At the same time raise your legs straight and your torso. Reach hands to take the ball from your child
  • Return to start position with the ball in your hand
  • Raise up again with straight legs and this time pass the ball to your child
  • Return to start position empty handed
  • Repeat for 15-20 reps (60 Sec) or as many as you can.

** Modification: Keep your feet on the floor with knees bend.

Note: your child or partner should repeat the same steps as you, if they can, with the exception that they have the ball when you are empty handed.

Watch the video below to see how we did it:

Stay happy and healthy


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