This week we decided to use a familiar drill that a lot of soccer players and football players use and tweak it a bit to make it more fun and playful. This full body workout is a perfect way to raise your heart rate and burn some calories, while building muscle and having fun.

Equipment needed:

Any kind of ball

Muscle group worked:

Outer thighs, quads, calves, glutes, Abs, hamstrings, hip flexors, chest, shoulder, and arms


  • Start with your feet shoulder width apart and a ball in your hand
  • Push through the balls of your feet and run in place fast
  •  Pass the ball to your partner, squat and place your hands on the floor
  • Jump back until your legs are fully extended and you are in a plank position
  • Jump forward and push through your heels to return to start position
  • Jump high, start running in place, catch the ball and repeat from the top.
  • Repeat for 60 Sec.


  • Run slower, and instead of full Burpee, just take one leg back into lunge.

Here is how we did it:

Stay happy and healthy


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