A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how to make your dreams reality, this week I am going to dig deeper into how to make sense of your goals by breaking them down into small chunks and how everyone can use this method no matter what their goal is.

Our goals generally can be put into one of the following categories and as you will see shortly, this process can be used to define and break down your goals no matter which category your specific goal falls under.

  1. Family
  2. Career
  3. Health
  4. Fitness
  5. Money

Before reading any further make sure to download “Achieve your goals” worksheet, so you can follow these steps with your specific goals.

achieve your goals download

Categorize your dream:

In this step you are going to define your dream under one of the categories outlined above. Please note your specific dream can fall into more than one category which is fine. In that case you will do this exercise for each category separately. Let’s look at an example to make this exercise easier to follow and understand. In fact, I am going to use a personal example:

When I got pregnant with my baby girl, I gained about 50 pounds, which for me was little less than 1/2 of my regular body weight (my regular body weight ranged from 110 lbs-115 lbs before pregnancy). Everyone was telling me that it would be impossible to get my physique back after having a baby. And all those celebrities, who get their body back is via plastic surgery or spending hours and hours every day with a personal trainer, which I did not have the money or the time to do neither one of those.  My dream was to get my body back in the shape it was before my pregnancy, which at the time seemed impossible.

At the beginning, I categorized my dream under the fitness category, but shortly after starting this exercise, I realized that I should categorize it under health as well.

Define your current situation:

In the second step of this exercise, we are going to break down our current situation. For most people, their current situation can be divided into three parts. A part that they enjoy and they wish they could hold onto forever (perfect as is), the part that they don’t really enjoy and they cannot wait to change, (has to change) and a part that they are neutral towards meaning that it requires some improvements, but it is not the priority (neutral). Below is how I had defined my current situation at that time. Please note, there was nothing neutral about my situation, and that is okay.

Perfect as is:

  • I spend most of my time with my family
  • Don’t follow any diet plan (I hate dieting)
  • Don’t have to look for a babysitter or ask anyone to take care of my baby

Has to change

  • None of my clothes fit
  • I don’t feel confident
  • I feel tired
  • I am not happy and feel angry with myself and people around me
  • I feel Old


  • Nothing Neutral

Define your ideal situation:

Now that you know what you like and what you don’t like about your current situation, it is time to define your ideal situation. Your ideal situation is what will make your dream come through.
Back to my situation above, here is how I had defined my ideal situation:

  • All my pre-pregnancy cloths would fit me again
  • Would gain my full confidence, in my body, back
  • Would have full energy to play and run around with my daughter
  • Become happier and get my anger under control
  • Feel younger by getting my energy back
  • Be a role model for my daughter

Design a plan to get to your ideal situation from your current situation:

It is time to plan what needs to happen to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

In my case, it was easy I needed a home based workout. After Just working out for a month, I realized that I need to watch my diet too. Even though I was eating healthy already, but some foods that I was eating were making me feel more tired and bloated, so here is when I had to add health category to my main goal and repeat the previous two steps.

Keep track of your progress:

I have talked about this in my previous blog post, make your dreams reality. This step is what makes you motivated or how you would know if something is not working and you would need to change your plans. Thanks for this step, I was able to figure out something was missing from my workouts.

Bottom line:

It is possible to get from your current situation to your ideal situation, no matter what your situation is. All you need is documenting what you really want and mapping your way towards your goal.

To complete my story and not letting you hanging :), I started working out at home, by buying some resistance bands and a few dumbbells. I would workout during the time that my baby was sleeping. I lost all the pregnancy weight and then some, before my daughter turned 4 months old. However, I was not able to gain my energy fully back until I was able to figure out what was not agreeing with my body and changed my diet and that was through the elimination process and keeping track of what I was eating and my symptoms.

So you, too can make your dream come through. Use this guide and download the attached worksheet to define, plan, and record your progress towards your dream.

achieve your goals download

Stay happy and healthy




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