Gluten free pumpkin spice cookies

It is winter and even though here in California, we don't experience the icy cold winter weather, but it always feels good to bake and have some warm home made and healthy cookies in hand. I usually use less processed sweeteners like 100% pure maple syrup or raw honey in my baking, but in this … Continue reading Gluten free pumpkin spice cookies

Ginger, lemon, cider water

When it comes to drinking water, the plain taste of water can be off putting to some and this is one of the main reasons that they gravitate towards diet sodas or sugary drinks that causes inflammation. Good news, drinking water should not be boring anymore. In fact, your water can help you fight inflammation while … Continue reading Ginger, lemon, cider water

Mom workout- Lower body circuit 2 short but intense

For this week's exercise, we are going to train the lower body using your body weight. Anytime you work your lower body (legs) muscles, your heart rate will go up because When you work your legs, you are working larger muscle groups, which require more fuel and oxygen. Therefor you are getting a great cardio work as … Continue reading Mom workout- Lower body circuit 2 short but intense