Do you feel bloated and tired after having your meal? Did you know that the kind of foods that you eat together, have a huge role on how you feel after your meal? The concept of food combining, seems foreign to most people. We don’t always think about how different kind of foods fight for the limited resources that we have in our body to get digested and how this can cause indigestion, bloating, gas, inflammation, and eventually many more diseases and complications.

Baha’ullah, The profit of Baha’i faith, in his Tablet to a  physician states:

“…. If two diametrically opposite foods are put on the table do not mix them….”

So what does this really mean? and what foods are opposite?

Housekeeping rules:

Before getting into what foods work and do not work together, there are some very important success tips that you need to keep in mind, and these are true with every thing you do in your life:

  • Listen to your body: learn to always pay attention to how your body feels after certain foods. A food combination, might not be listed as opposite foods, but your digestive system, might not accept them together, so it is important to take note of how you feel after each meal. Remember, we all have been created unique, so it is wrong to think if something works for your friend, it should work for you too.
  • Take small steps: Being healthy should be your lifestyle, and it is very hard to create a lifestyle overnight, it takes time. A baby doesn’t start to walk the moment that she is born. she has to develop certain skills before being able to balance on her two feet. living healthy and making healthy choices, takes time as well, so start small and go with a paste that works for you and you are able to maintain and add on as you progress.
  • Start with the most problematic food combinations: again, when you listen to your body, you will notice that certain food combinations have more dramatic effects on you than the others, so start with eliminating them first.

Incompatible and compatible foods:

Table below outlines certain food groups and what can’t be combined with them and what is okay to combine with them.

food combining

Stop, don’t leave yet. I know this list is very comprehensive and I am guilty of combining some of these foods together as well. Lets look at a few stables that we see a lot in our western diet and see how we can eliminate them with out going crazy.

Yogurt and fruits:

Fruits mixed with yogurt, usually counts as a healthy snack or a breakfast and can be find in all different forms. Next time you consume yogurt with fruits, pay attention to how you feel and your digestive response. a couple of ways to add flavors to your yogurt:

  • Instead of adding fruits to your yogurt, try adding Healthy granola to your yogurt.
  • Use Coconut yogurt, which is dairy free too, instead of regular yogurt.

Milk and banana:

I am guilty of this. I used to blend bananas with milk for my daughter as a healthy breakfast. she was complaining of stomach ache, but I though she might have allergic to dairy, like myself, so I eliminated that, but now I know that it was the combination that was to harsh on her digestive system. She tolerates Milk very well by itself.

Cheese and nightshades:

this is what commonly seen on Pizzas. A nightshade is a common name for a member of the plant family Solanaceae, which includes potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cayenne peppers, paprika, tobacco, henbane, belladonna, datura, and over 2,500 other plants. nightshades contain a complex array of compounds that, once ingested, lead to a potentially dramatic cascade of chemical reactions in the body. Hence they are difficult for body to digest. When we mix these inherently challenging nightshades with cheese – which is heavy, oily, and also difficult to digest –we can quickly overtax the digestive fire.

Couple of ways to enjoy your pizza:

  • Ask for no nightshades on your pizza, including the red sauce.
  • Or, if possible substitute the cheese with cashew nut cheese or other another non dairy cheese.

Beans and cheese:

beans and cheese is another staple. who doesn’t love burritos? Unfortunately both beans and cheese are hard to digest and combining them together starts a fire on your digestive track.  Beans and cheese; when eaten together, they tend to overwhelm and confuse the digestive fire. Meanwhile, their combined heaviness makes them even more difficult to process, often resulting in poor digestion.


  • Add Cashew nut cheese instead of regular cheese on your burrito
  • Or eat your burrito with no cheese or no beans.


Bottom line:

Foods are like people. people with opposite personality don’t get along well and when put together, cause complications. Foods are the same, Opposite foods tend to start a fire in our digestive track and causing inflammation in our body. Your digestive system might be able to digest and tolerate all different food groups, when eaten by themselves or with other compatible food groups, but bother you once eaten with opposite food groups. How do you combine your foods? Do you have any specific method, when it comes to food combining?

As always Stay happy and healthy



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