Happy Family, Happy life

You probably have heard the saying, "happy wife, happy life", I like to take this another step further by saying "happy family, happy life". I have seen so many frustrated and overly tired parents, who are trying to raise a happy family and yet somehow it ends up with yelling and tears instead of kissing … Continue reading Happy Family, Happy life

2018 Dirty dozen and clean 15

Finally on April 10, 2018 Environments Working group, EWG, released this years shoppers guide to pesticides in produce. Even though the list stays pretty similar to last year, there were some new interesting findings that worth to take a look at. These findings might help you to decide if Organic really worth the extra money … Continue reading 2018 Dirty dozen and clean 15

Exercise and metabolism

Previously we talked about Metabolism in great details. we covered what metabolism is, the factors involved in metabolism, and how we can boost our metabolism. One thing we didn't get to cover was the effect of exercise on metabolism. In our society today, it seems like more and more people are drawn toward exercise and being … Continue reading Exercise and metabolism

Metabolism and 4 scientifically proven ways to boost your metabolism

you probably have heard about the word metabolism over and over. specially when it comes to weight management and weight loss. the reality is yes metabolism has a role in weight management, but it is far more important for our body than just weight management. so let's look deeper into this process, metabolism, and see … Continue reading Metabolism and 4 scientifically proven ways to boost your metabolism

Exercise and brain health

By now, we all know that exercise is good for your heart, it will help you with weight management, and will improve your mood (some might not agree with this one, but research has approve it), but did you know that it will also help with your memory and higher level thinking? A study has shown … Continue reading Exercise and brain health