I was surprised when I noticed the back of my arms were jiggly. I mean come on, you carry the baby in your tummy, and I was expecting my tummy to be jiggly and week, but not back of my arms.

If that wasn’t enough shock, after 8 weeks, when I got cleared from my doctor to start working out, my triceps were so week, that I fell to the ground, just trying to do one triceps push-ups.

In the journey to get jiggle free and strong Triceps, I came cross some of my favorite and very effective triceps workouts, that you can enjoy even during the playtime with your kiddos. here they are:

Exercise 1: Triceps lean back

Equipment: none

Muscle worked: Triceps

How to do: Lay flat on your back with your knees bend. bend your elbows and lift to 45 degree angle with elbows close to your chest. push on the palms of your hand and lift your upper body off the floor until your arms are completely straight and you can feel the back of your arms. Do not lift your self using your abs. get back to starting position. this is one rep, try to do 15 reps of it.

Exercise 2: Triceps push-ups

Equipment: none

Muscle worked: triceps and core

How to do: Begin in plank position with the arms and body straight, shoulders over the wrists. Keep the core engaged. Bend the elbows behind you and lower your chest to the floor. Keep your upper arms tight to your body so your elbows are against your ribs on both sides. Straighten the arms, coming back to plank position. This counts as one rep. Try to do 15 reps. To modify, you can move down to your knees.

Exercise 3: Triceps side push-ups

Equipment: none

Muscle worked: triceps, biceps, shoulder and obliques

How to do: Lie down on one side stacking your shoulders, hips, and feet. Bring top hand to the mat directly in front of your bottom shoulder. The bottom hand Can be on the floor bearing no weight, behind your neck or wrapped around your waist. The top arm does all the work as you press yourself up and lower yourself to the mat to your starting position. You will feel the triceps muscles on the back of the top arm working. Try to do 15 reps on each side.

Exercise 4: Triceps pull downs

Equipment: something for resistance, your can use a dumbbel or your baby

Muscle worked: triceps

How to do: Stand straight with your feet together and micro bend in your knees. Back and head straight. Hold your baby securely in front. keep your elbows tight to your body. Lower your baby and get your arms straight, you should feel it in the back of your arms and lift to 90 degree angle. this is one rep. repeat for 15 reps.

Watch the video to see how we did it.

Stay happy and healthy


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