My name is Roya and I am thrilled you are here. We have a lot in common, you and I, we are both trying to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. As a parent, I bet you understand how hard it is to be good at your daily duties and on top of that trying to figure out what is healthy for yourself and your family, finding time to exercise, and staying happy and positive all day.

Well, not anymore! I have created this website and wrote my e-book “Balance” to share with you step by step and very simple guide that you can easily follow to get to live happier and healthier without any hassle. Just send me a massage and I will be happy to share with you my workouts.

I’m Roya and I love helping other’s to live a happy and healthy life.

My Journey:

I have been married for 20 years and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and a handsome 9 month old baby boy. 


I have always been fortunate in life, but about a few years ago, right after graduating from university, I felt it harder and harder to stay happy. I was lost. I had everything that one can wish for, but still I was not happy. I am a Baha’i and I deeply believe in the power of prayer, and I have prayed to be a happier person day and night. In fact, when my husband and I went for pilgrimage to the Baha’i World center in Haifa, Israel on January of 2011, my only prayer was to become a happier person. It took me almost 6 years, but I finally found my happiness and I made my mission to help other’s to find their true happiness.


I always had a passion for eating healthy, but the day that I found out I am pregnant with my daughter that passion turned into an obsession. There was a new human being inside me and my job was to ensure that she gets the best nutrition possible. That is when I started reading and researching about nutrition and food in general to keep my husband, myself and now our new baby healthy. It is very hard with all the advertising, food labels and new research popping up every day to stay focused on the right path. In my quest for living a healthy life, I made my second mission to help others eat healthier meals, without spending all day cooking. 

As a new mom I was on a mission to get a better and improved version of my pre-pregnancy body back. I was told it was impossible and I had every reason to believe it. just looking around me at the women related to me by blood and most women in general, it seemed like every one is struggling  with their weight and body image, but it wasn’t me.

I Also struggled a lot with keeping up my energy. Sleep deprivation was one of the reasons, but I felt I was hitting a wall around 4pm,  even on the days that I had plenty of sleep. I felt like I needed  a force to help me keep going. I found the solution and that was exercise. On the days that I pushed myself to get some kind of activity to raise my heart rate, I felt so much more energized. The other challenge was at 4pm, who would take care of my baby? So I started doing workouts, that I could do with my baby and it would be fun for her. Now, she is three and she loves working out with me. In fact, she will get upset, if I miss my workout for a day. I know, I am not the only new parent, who struggled with energy and motivation for exercise, so I am going to share with you tips and tricks of making your workout more fun and enjoyable. Also if you are interested to learn more about my at home workout routine, I would be glad to share that with you, just send me a massage.

I believe that anyone, regardless of their age, their gender, their marital status, and their socioeconomic status, can live a happy, healthy and active life. There is only one requirement, which we all have, and that is will power. You have to want to live a happier, healthier and more active life.