Lower Ab and inner thigh workout to enjoy with your toddler

Scissor kicks are a good workout for lower Abs and inner thighs. Here is how it is generally done: Lay flat on your back with hands on your side and legs extended Press your lower back firmly into the mat and slightly tuck your pelvis. Draw your belly button in toward your spine. Maintain this position … Continue reading Lower Ab and inner thigh workout to enjoy with your toddler

Perfect Ab workout

Today my daughter and I could not come to agreement on what fun activity we should do together. She wanted to ride on her tricycle and I wanted to do Core exercise, so here is what we came out with, a perfect Ab workout, "Tricycle crunches". These crunches will work all your core muscle, including the transverse … Continue reading Perfect Ab workout

Weighted Deadlifts with no dumbbells

In our quest to make exercise more fun, this week my daughter and I tried doing weighted deadlifts, using her weight instead of dumbbells. That was a lot of fun. Watch the video below to see it yourself. But before trying it yourself lets talk about safety: Make sure you back is flat and you are … Continue reading Weighted Deadlifts with no dumbbells

Toddler sumo squats

A big challenge that parents, or in fact anyone who their priority is a child, is not having enough time to work out. If you are a working parent, you have very little time in a day with these precious ones, and I know it is a struggle to chip away from this time to … Continue reading Toddler sumo squats

Importance of nature in our life

Have you noticed during the winter your energy level drops and you go into what has been called “ winter blues”? Did you know that on average, we spend over 90% of our times indoors, regardless of the season? Have you noticed days that you spend a few minutes outdoors and in the nature, how … Continue reading Importance of nature in our life