Blood Type Diet, Does it really work?

Lately I have been hearing a lot about blood type diet and if it really works, so I decided to take the matters into my own hand and get to the bottom of this diet. Does the blood type diet really work?  What is The blood type diet? According to Dr. Peter DÁdamo, author of Eat Right For … Continue reading Blood Type Diet, Does it really work?

Gluten free dates dessert

For this week's healthy recipe I have decided to share with you one of my husband’s favorite desserts. It is so good and with a little small change I made it super healthy too. So you can go for the seconds without worrying about having to pay off later. You know what I mean ;). … Continue reading Gluten free dates dessert

Gluten free pineapple cupcake

I have written about the benefits of Almond meal/ flour in my previous posts. You can visit my post on Healthy muffins for this information. I have a separate post dedicated fully to grass fed butter and the health benefits of it. Please visit 3 health benefits of grass fed butter for more information, Here … Continue reading Gluten free pineapple cupcake

Diet, Exercise or Both??????

Once again, it is January and all you can hear and see on TV, social media, radio, etc. Is about weight loss by dieting. I have seen programs that promise you to lose weight by following a 21 day diet plan. But are they real? Would you really lose all your unwanted fat in 21 … Continue reading Diet, Exercise or Both??????