Tricep sit throughs

Triceps sit through will work two of the beautiful muscles in your body at the same time, all while you are having fun with your toddler. In this exercise you move from Glute bridge, which works your glutes to sitting backward, which will work your triceps. Here is how it is done:   Start in a … Continue reading Tricep sit throughs

Perfect Ab workout

Today my daughter and I could not come to agreement on what fun activity we should do together. She wanted to ride on her tricycle and I wanted to do Core exercise, so here is what we came out with, a perfect Ab workout, "Tricycle crunches". These crunches will work all your core muscle, including the transverse … Continue reading Perfect Ab workout

Barbell hip thrust!! How about Toddler thrust??

For a parent, nothing is more rewarding than seeing those little one's smile and jump of joy. Here is a tip on how to get your little one excited, while working your glutes!!!!! This is what I call "Toddler Hip Thrust" or  what my daughter calls "Gluten bridge" 🙂 To do the Toddler Hip Thruster or (Glute … Continue reading Barbell hip thrust!! How about Toddler thrust??