Single leg dip with a toddler- get rid of Jiggles

Get rid of jiggly arms and legs all in one exercise. The single-leg dip is a more difficult variation to the standard dip. Using only one leg for support increases the resistance placed on the upper body during the movement. The movement specifically targets the chest, shoulders and triceps. It also targets your core, since … Continue reading Single leg dip with a toddler- get rid of Jiggles

Tricep sit throughs

Triceps sit through will work two of the beautiful muscles in your body at the same time, all while you are having fun with your toddler. In this exercise you move from Glute bridge, which works your glutes to sitting backward, which will work your triceps. Here is how it is done:   Start in a … Continue reading Tricep sit throughs

Tricep dips with a toddler

Tricep dips are one of the most effective tricep exercises and you do not need any fancy equipments to do this exercise. All you need is a sturdy chair. In order to make this exercise more effective and more fun, my daughter and I, decided to add her (my daughter) as extra weight on my lap. Watch … Continue reading Tricep dips with a toddler