A very nice thing about life, I think, is dreaming and setting goals. From the day that I remember I have been a daydreamer. As a child, I remember dreaming about how I would grow up and have tons of children, I am very thankful that did not come true ;). As I grew older my dreams became bigger and bigger.

So what is the difference between the dream and goal? Here is how I identify and separate dreams from goals.  The dream is a big picture, something far away, a thing that seems out of reach. Goals on the other hand, are smaller, they are more achievable. To me a perfect goal is the one that would get you a step closer to your dream.

Did you know that having a goal or dream in your life, will make you happier? Yes, it is true. Studies have shown that setting goals and progressing towards them will make you happier.

The theory of goal setting is a bit complicated. It is true that goal setting can make you happier, but the goal that you set should be reasonable, measurable and be set by you for you, not someone else for you. What do I mean by achievable? Okay, let’s face it, there are only a few people who don’t want to be millionaires, but setting your goal to become a millionaire by buying lottery tickets, is very hard to achieve. Furthermore,  these kind of goals are not likely to make you happy because you cannot see a progress that gets you closer to them. Here is an example of reasonable goal: getting a promotion by the end of the year. To get to this goal you can talk to your boss, set a list of skills that you need to learn to get that promotion and start progressing toward it. This way you can celebrate every step that gets you closer to the end of the line, which is that promotion.

There is also one more important point in setting goals. You need to make sure that the goal that you pick is the one that you really want to get to, not a goal that someone else in your life wants you to have. Best example is when choosing a career. You will feel happier, when you choose the career that you really like, not the one that your parents chose for you.

Bottom line:dream-big

Goal setting is an important step toward happiness. One that is very hard to skip. In order to be happy we need to set goals that are achievable and measurable, but don’t be afraid of dreaming big. You might need to work harder to get to that big dream of yours, but you can if you break it down into smaller and more manageable goals.


Stay happy and healthy


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